Stay Strong

for Dairy Calves
Get Ahead. Stay Ahead.

Provide a strong foundation for lifelong productivity with this easy-to-useĀ milk additive. Promote immunity, stimulate appetite and keep calvesĀ drinking for a superior transition to a grain diet.

Directions: Add directly to milk or milk replacer (0.34 pounds per calf total over 42 days).

Product Number 2700-8 2700-35
Size 8.5 lb 35 lb

How it Works

Newborn calves are in the building stages of immune function and gut health so every day matters. Stay strong for dairy calves promotes a balanced gut micro flora and immunity to help calves grow strong and healthy.

Calves that keep drinking mature faster and are better able to respond to stress. Stay strong for dairy calves stimulates appetite to keep calves drinking for an easier transition to a grain diet.