Fight Strong

for Cattle Pellet
When the Stress is On

Fight Strong for Cattle is a natural feed additive that gets cattle eating, helps reduce pathogen load and the effects of oxidative stress while boosting immunity and promoting the overall health of stressed cattle. No VFD required.

Directions for use:
See feeding rate below. Feed per head per day for up to 28 days

2611-50 (Pellet)
250 lbs. 2 oz
500 lbs. 4 oz
750 lbs. 6 oz
1,000 lbs. 8 oz

How it works

Patented Microbial Catalyst technology stimulates appetite to get cattle eating and rumen function to get the most energy out of feed.

Patent-pending Microfused Essential Oils and ActiFibe Prebiotic technology feed beneficial bacteria and promote immune function while stimulating appetite.