Start Strong

for Calves
Invigorate Calves

Prepare calves for the first moments of life with Start Strong for Calves, a colostrum-based oral drench. Stimulate appetite to get calves up and drinking for superior growth and immunity by providing vital nutrients.

Directions for use:
Administer orally 10 ml immediately after birth (1 pump = 5 ml). Pump included. Turn bottle upside down for use.

Product Number 2500-60 2500-250
Size 60 ml 250 ml

How it Works

A key factor in how long it takes a calf to transition to dry feed is how fast it begins to eat. Start Strong for Calves stimulates a calf’s appetite to get them up and drinking quickly. The sooner they drink, the sooner they begin to add weight, which leads to vigor and vitality.

New born calves are vulnerable and need protection from disease pressure. Start Strong for Calves provides a boost of vital nutrients including colostrum that calves need to help establish a strong immune system and support growth.