Start Strong

for Fresh Cows
Replenish What’s Lost

Help prepare cows to manage stress immediately after calving with Start Strong for Fresh Cows, an easy-mix drench. Quickly restore nutrients, stimulate appetite and promote rumen function to get cows on feed fast and ease the transition to a lactation diet.

Directions for use:
Mix 1 lb. (1 package) per cow immediately after calving. May be administered through water, as a drench or in feed.

Product Number 2501-1 2501-50
Size 1 lb. Pouch 50 lb. Box


How it Works

Immediately after calving, fresh cows are depleted of energy and vital nutrients that need to be restored to help fresh cows transition to the lactation diet. Start strong for fresh cows helps restore vital nutrients to ease calving stress and supports immunity.

Getting fresh cows on feed is one of the toughest challenges a dairy producer faces. Start strong stimulates appetite and rumen function to get cows on feed quicker, which promotes health and earlier rebreeding.