Stay Strong

for Dairy Cows
Healthy Cows. Healthy Dairies.

Protect the health and performance of dairy cows from modern production stress with the next-generation feed additive, Stay Strong for Dairy Cows. Promote immunity, protect feed quality, and release more energy from feed for an outstanding return on investment. (Sold as Rum-A-Fresh in international markets)

Directions for use:
Feed 1 oz. per head per day.

Product Number 2701-50
Size 50 lb. Bag


Better at the Bunk

One of the greatest challenges facing dairy producers is protecting feed quality at the bunk. Dairy cows maintain intake and perform better when feed contains less harmful wild yeast, mold and other toxins.

Free Your Feed

Stay Strong increases rumen function so dairy cows get more energy from feed. Stay Strong stimulates rumen microbes that breakdown fiber to release more energy for production.

Stronger From the Inside Out

Stay Strong for Dairy Cows supports gut health for immunity and optimal nutrient absorption. Cows fed Stay Strong are able to respond to stress and experience fewer challenges.


"It's a product that just adds a level of comfort to me. When things a going well with our reproduction program, herd health, production, and milk quality, you don't change it."

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Eric Clifford

"My cows have never looked better. It's a product I wouldn't give up!"

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Holly Tuman

"We actually need to be reminded about how bad things were before. It wasn't rare to see the vet 2 or 3 times a week. Now, we just see him for herd check every two weeks. If you like seeing your veterinarian that often, you shouldn't use Stay Strong for Dairy Cows!"

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Sid Van Der Wey