For Healthy, More Productive Poultry      

Regano is the most trusted natural feed additive that stimulates appetite, promotes immunity and helps overcome oxidative stress.

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What Regano Can Do For Your Flock

Strong Animals is sought out by producers throughout the world for our essential oil technology that comes to life in Regano because of the profitable benefits it provides.

Overcomes Stress Related to:

  • Environment
  • Disease pressure
  • Production
  • Poor appetite

Benefits for Layers:

  • Birds maintain consistent weight
  • Fewer dips in production
  • Improved shelf life of eggs

Benefits for Broilers:

  • Enhanced livability
  • Increased average daily gain
  • Improved profitability
  • Enhanced meat quality

The Microfused Difference

Regano is powered by Microfused Essential Oils technology, a patent-pending process which makes oil droplets much smaller and able to make contact and diffuse throughout the body to reduce the effects of stress and promote performance. We utilize a proprietary emulsifying agent and superior essential oils, fusing them together with a unique high-shear mixing process. The emulsifier surrounds and fuses with the oil, literally sharing physical space. The resulting volume is less than the volume of inputs with no loss of material in the process.

A superior technology for superior products

Small and Mighty

Microfused Essential Oils technology makes Regano highly effective in three primary ways:

  • Reduces droplet size for an effective and stable product
  • Enhances contact with microbes
  • Utilizes a proprietary emulsifier to protect oil droplets



Smaller, More Powerful Droplets

Our Microfused Essential Oils technology results in microscopic droplets that are on average less than 5 microns in size, like bacteria. They are so small that one million oil droplets fit on the head of a pin. This translates to 100 times more droplets than competitive essential oil products and 20 times greater surface area allowing significantly greater contact. The droplets are also very uniform in size which translates to consistent dispersion and performance.

Large droplets create gaps between oils where it’s difficult to make contact


When essential oils are ingested and reach the gut, there are many natural forces in this liquid environment that keep oil droplets and microbes apart including surface tension and the water-lipid barrier. For an essential oil to be effective it must overcome these forces and make contact. The unique properties of our Microfused emulsifier together with our small droplet size allow them to reduce the surface tension and overcome the water-lipid barrier. It is like magnets attracting or repelling one another.


Protected Droplets

Essential oils are powerful and concentrated amounts can damage sensitive tissue in the digestive tract if not properly encapsulated. Microfused Essential Oils technology protects sensitive tissue in poultry allowing Regano to reduce stress and boost performance.   Our approach also helps provide greater stability and overcomes the challenge of volatility. Essential oils are volatile by nature so their effectiveness can be impacted by heat and transportation. Our protective bond addresses these challenges by providing an extremely stable and resilient product. Regano can withstand varying temperatures and shipments around the world.

Regano In Action

The gut wall is a vital line of defense against pathogens. The epithelial cells that make up the wall need to be healthy and fit together tightly so pathogens and toxins cannot pass directly into the bloodstream. Regano helps reduce cellular damage which keeps the gut wall intact and allows only nutrients into the bloodstream.

Microfused® Essential Oils


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