Actifibe Prebiotic

Superior Host Health

Actifibe Prebiotic technology preferentially feeds beneficial bacteria throughout the entire gut and enhances the immune system for superior gut and host health.

  • Preferred food source for beneficial bacteria
  • Unique structure is slowly fermented
  • Distinct ability to promote the immune system




The Challenge

Prebiotics are non-digestible feed ingredients that improve host health by preferentially feeding beneficial bacteria as they are fermented in the gut. For a prebiotic to have an optimal effect it needs to feed beneficial bacteria throughout the entire length of the gut.

There are several forms of prebiotics in existence and each has a unique physical structure that affects how it is broken down in the gut. Most prebiotics have a structure that is long and narrow leading to rapid fermentation before it can reach the lower intestine, limiting effectiveness.

A Unique Structure

Actifibe technology has a unique physical structure that is fermented slowly due to its molecular bonds that cannot be easily broken down. Instead, it takes time for the enzymes to unlock the structure ensuring that beneficial bacteria are fed throughout the entire gut.

  A preferred food source
  Immune Stimulation


The results of promoting beneficial bacteria can be seen in gut health, immunity, host health and feed efficiency.

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