Microbial Catalyst

Release Energy

Patented Microbial Catalyst technology stimulates the activity of microbial environments.

  • Increase microbial activity and diversity
  • Promote fiber digestibility
  • Release energy for production
  • Safe, soluble and energy friendly chemistry




The Challenge

Microbes are essential to life-giving processes including the digestive system. However, the microbial ecology is complex with thousands of strains of diverse microbes living in symbiotic relationships that must be kept in balance. Most approaches to maintain this balance achieve inconsistent results because they rely on adding isolated microbes or microbial byproducts.

A Unique Approach

Rather than adding microbes or enzymes, we increase the activity and diversity of existing native microbes to impact the entire microbial ecosystem. As a result, we are effective in a wide range of production environments.

  Improved Fiber Digestibility
  Safe and Environmentally Friendly
  Soluble and Available
  Stable and Energy Friendly


Improvements in digestibility, nutrient availability, and volatile fatty acid production create energy for production resulting in greater weight gain, improved body condition, and better reproductive performance.

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