Microfused Essential Oils

Small and Mighty

Microfused patent-pending technology unleashes the power of essential oils by fusing oil droplets with our proprietary emulsifier for exponentially greater surface area, stability, and contact.

  • Smaller oil droplets with greater surface area
  • Droplets get where they are needed
  • Unique mode of action that facilitates contact


The Challenge

Essential oils have many beneficial properties and these properties function through contact. For an oil and its properties to be effective, it must make physical contact but there are natural forces in the gut environment, like surface tension and the water-lipid barrier, that keep essential oils from making contact. They push away from each other much like magnets that have the same charge.

Let's Get Physical

We utilize a proprietary emulsifying agent and a unique high shear mixing process to fuse the oil droplets. It works like a fusion reaction allowing the oil and emulsifier to share physical space.

  Greater Surface Area
  A Stable and Protective Bond
  Making Contact


The results can be seen in the health of tissues, improved host health, and greater immune function.

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